Counter Pressure Filling

Counter pressure filling is an alternative method of filling beverages. It maintains the beverage in the bottle while ensuring that the CO2 remains in the solution.

This type of filling device is suitable for both impregnated and non-impregnated beverages. In counter pressure filling mode, a metered amount of beverage B is filled through the filling connection. The beverage is then transferred to the seamer to be sealed.

Counter pressure filling has been proven to reduce the rate of foaming in non-impregnated beverages. It helps to maintain the beer’s carbonation.

Besides its ability to eliminate foaming, it also offers some advantages over gravity filling. For example, counter pressure filling allows for the addition of more CO2 to the beer. Moreover, the device is easy to clean.

Counter pressure filling devices are generally equipped with full-stream cones that are used as closing elements. Among the benefits of this filling system is its ability to produce clean laminar flow in the full stream.

A full-stream cone is actuated by a spring and is guided through the mouth of the filling connection. The cone is positioned in the filling chamber (6) and is coupled with a linear actuator 14.

Once the cone is opened, the free full stream is directed directly to the bottom of the bottle. After filling, the bottle may be purged through the fluid channel 17. Alternatively, the conical section may be operated by a spring instead of a linear actuator.